Monday, August 9, 2010

Lene , New poems , new photos

Can you hear me when I called? Did you listen careful to my cries? Helpless in agony and pain I Keep on calling you name.
Are you there would you stretch your hands toward my being?
Yes, I again am walking in the dark as I walk all alone
Without your arms around me. Every corner that I turn I do seek the light but as you may know yourself that without each others we still walk in the dark.
Are you still with me in this wide world, this earth we both have known? Are you gone and left me behind I have no peace in my mind! The crying does not make senses anymore I am still behind this lock doors. Where are you can you answer me once and for all so I can be at peace for ever more. Whatever the answer I will understand for we all have the Same destiny since life begin.

I am doing all I can to find you again why have to be this way. I truly don’t understand? Oh, I will remain in the dark with hope for that light . This darkness is deeper I have lost my sight.


There have been many times when I looked into your eyes
I saw many hurts and pain. The loughters that once was there is now gone.

I knew little of your suffering and pain there were so many sorrows time and time again! I held your hands and suddenly I felt a rush like a electric pulse charging my heart like that magic long look for to survive. YES, like that bright star in the sky The one I have follow all my life.

As I looked into the your eyes I was afraid for there was a secret you never shared til the end. You would be leaving left me behind with the eyes full of tears as in silence I cried.

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