Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beginning to end

latest poems:


Free my body and my mind

with all the thought that reels inside.

I am suffering in silence, a dreadful,

difficult pain.

No one ever understood!

Destiny fail me and casted a curse upon me.

For many years I have been in the inside,

and the authorities have keep my freedom out of sight. I was just a teen and only seventeen.

For thirty four years I have struggle to understand why the chains are still around my wrist.

An accident that shall have never happened and have never been clear, because the injustice and the painful fear.

Where is my freedom, where could I go next? I have paid for every things and the rest. I have endured the prisoners’ long long test.

I feel lost and confused and there seems to be no recourse even knowing my heart is full of sympathy and remorse.

I have try and try to be free and seems like they pro-long the distance by the years. When would I be free)

please, please can you hear me from here, and can too you tell me what am I to do. There have been a failure to he understood, and justice have not served me justly so.

Here I sit doing time and diligently continue to work within the hours days months and years to keep my sanity.

I want, to be free, enough is enough, this quest of mystery nipping me. Would I live to tell, and would I be myself only time will tell whom I am and if I ever be free from DOC one day.


Take your hands off it! This is my body all mine. You can't touch it with

your dirty  hands. The composition of your mind Is not clear, and you do not make senses in what you want of me. Get your hands off my body please, get away from me. absolutely not, I am not interested in your charming ways, no way no way,

I will not be swayed. This does not look good at all arid I can't do that, whom are you anyways? This will be a great error in your part I am just a child open your mind. No ways around this mysterious thing keep your hands to your‑

self or you may end-up in hell. I don't understand and I will be damned to allow you to touch me there. You can't inhabit my whole being. The Creator Is watching and He knows I am uninterested. Keep your words they cut like knifes you utter things that are not for my ears..

Those words can't reach my inmost, I will die Inside If I allow your hands to touch my body tonight. Get away from me please or I'll scream' Move on and spilt please get away from me. Your actions will ruin my innocence and My whole life get going buddy get going far as you can and hey, take away those dirty hands.

Below and in pdf form :Poems For December 2014 
"beginning to end" "hope is not my indulgence" and "Digest the Talk"

Everything that has a beginning has an end.
Mortal souls born, into this world Called Earth.
One must always understand that we all came as a child.
and will end as that, that is the truth!
We all live a joyful lives, and we all are sad by the hardship
we encounter so much sorrows that makes us cry day and night..
We all feel the hideous malice when it is put upon us and all
the weights in our shoulders makes us a little bit colder.
There is no rest when our time on Earth is so short, and
you break down and bow under the pressure of that immense test.
The beginning was a virtue of enchanting life as the baby took steps
to walk upright. Now old and feeble full of age, one seeks solitude
and getting ready for the crossroad of life that ends.
Humbled as a human being that endured the clock of time clinging
to this life as a slave of all that was upon a time
Everything that has a beginning must always have an end. And that is
the sad truth about us Human Beings, from life beginning to the end.

Wild ride day and night
venturing low and high.
Luxury came once with the wind and left
     Soon as it came in.    .  . .....                   . . .                       '. .....       ..          ,               ....    ...
I was left- confused and alarmed, struggling in-the dark.     .
Hope have always 'been distant from my heart. It reaily...never
have come inside.
My loving heart seems . 'to be struck with such bad luck
I find myself fighting in the dark. .
The absence of the light have turned me blind
By feel and touch in such darkeness I have survived and still
looking for hope to come to me.



Do it again my conscious mind tell me so. Digest the talk.

I would never 'fall for those things,and I have been very careful in my restraint. In the darkness of a prison cell in the evening, in

the day time I have to be careful not to go mad.. I approach those around me apologetically aware' that -I may be taken for granted and the others' want to risk my time and chances; I absorb the pain from the madness

the talk' I hear, I  try to get away but where? They are with me each step I take. All the hatred I hear makes me sad;...and.. tries to thwart my will. I have to digest it all and be stronger áhd hold my cool, they are

younger and acting like a fool! Steps by steps I walk carefully looking at the gate of freedom before me..

Look into my eyes and come inside
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Look  into my eyes and come inside/ Remember My Dear

Long Distance/      Conqueror